iSQI Agile Teaming Trainers

Select any of the above certifications in the dropdown that appears when hovering over "Trainer", to see the global list of the accredited trainers for any of the iSQI Agile Teaming certifications.

Becoming a Trainer for iSQI Agile Teaming Certifications

If you are interesting in becoming a trainer for any of the iSQI Agile Teaming certifications and joining one or more of the global lists of accredited trainers, please get in contact with us at for the most up to date information about starting the accreditation process.

Becoming a Training Organization for iSQI Agile Teaming Certifications

The training material is open to constant revision and improvement, being amended and upgraded regularly. Your contribution is highly welcome. The material can be licensed by any company or training provider worldwide – it is compulsory to have at least one trainer who successfully passed the train the trainer course.
Licensing the material does not involve any costs to be paid upfront. The use of the material will be charged per student trained. The licensing fee is dependent on the usual local market price.
If you are interested in becoming a training provider for any of the iSQI Agile Teaming certifications, please contact

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