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Understanding the way in which agile companies function and the day-to-day impact it can have on the work of everyone involved, can sometimes be a difficult concept to get your head around. If you are new to an agile team, dealing often with agile companies or just generally interested in the benefits of working in an agile environment, this certification can really help you!


Course Outline:


Business Outcomes:

  • Value the principles behind the Agile Manifesto and its approach to software development
  • Appreciate the roles within an agile team
  • Understand how to contribute as an agile team member to quantifiable requirements
  • Apply whole team quality methods to ensure acceptance criteria are met
  • Appreciate the importance of effective Iteration Reviews and how to contribute to continuous improvement through retrospectives


CAE participant George Piumatti, Synergy, Australia:

"The course taught me the fundamentals of the Agile methodology and to consider how things may be improved in my work places."


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