Statements from CAE Course Participants

Having almost 9 years of experience in IT, I must say that the agile methodology is a very applicable methodology to consider as one of today's many software development life cycle models. Many companies have already gone through a lot of software development and deployments, and have gained technical skills that make them ready to be agile as things get fast-paced - coding, testing, decision-making - for a working software that meets classified needs. (Jovert Michael Saulon, Planit Software Testing)


This course has helped boost my confidence of working in an agile project. I view the opportunity to also formalise my experience in agile software projects. (Maneesha Mittadoddi, Planit)


If you are going to work on an agile project, I would definitively recommend this course. It is very easy to follow and the exercises make the theory clear. (Nigara Ushurova, M2Q)


It's a good introduction to an agile testing environment! I learned that working as a team - testers, developers, business owners - can be a great asset and motivation to perform tests. "There is no I in a team" is definitively present in agile. (Steven Van Isterdael, M2Q)


I would recommend this course to everybody who is interested in learning about agile. (Sammy Daniszewski, M2Q)


This course is well suited to agile team members who require an introductory course to agile that also offers an international certification. For agile teams to succeed, all team members need to understand agile principles and methods, and be able to implement them in order to enjoy the benefits of agile methodologies. (Mani Bhatia, Planit Software Testing)


The Agile Essentials Course is informative and serves as a validation of what we do in our jobs where agile testing is practiced. I could not totally apply this to my daily work now, except the daily stand-up meetings, but we are using more of the waterfall method for my current project. (Maria Theresa Gonzales, Planit Software Testing)


The Agile Essential Certification Course was very useful in my daily work as I am in an agile project at the moment. The concepts were all clearly explained in the course. It was very beneficial for me. (Dhivya Chandran, Planit Software Testing)


The course is very practical and can be applied to daily activities at work. (Catherine Michelle Camacho, Planit Software Testing)


A highly pragmatic course tailored to embed agile skills in participants. (Oluwaseyi John Okusaga, Planit Software Testing)


I have worked in an agile team before but without any formal training. After completing the Agile Essentials Course, I was able to learn and appreciate the agile methodology in more detail which enabled me to perform better in our current agile team. (Israel M. Vinuya, Planit Software Testing)


The CAE course is really beneficial. This course covers the essential aspects of working in an agile team, providing practical examples and exercises that enable key concepts to be translated into day-to-day roles. (Mani Bhatia, Planit Software Testing)


I was new to the agile method of testing as all past projects had been waterfall. The Certified Agile Essentials Course gave me invaluable insight into how agile works and the benefits. I am new in an agile scrum team and have the knowledge to apply in my work. (Ruth Watson, Planit Software Testing)


This course is very good for teams who have just started working agile. It describes examples that explain key concepts that are required in a day-to-day role. (Renu Nair, Planit Software Testing)


Great course! (Paul Jayson Geronimo, Planit Software Testing)


CAE training will give you an overview of the agile world across all teams since the training is not just specific to the testing task but to all members of the project team, i.e. project owner and developer. In this training I have learned how to make a user story and to write acceptance criteria against it. Concepts like story points, story sizing, velocity and retrospective were also new to me. This helped me as I recently joined a semi-agile project, and because of the training I have an idea how agile projects work. (April Villarmea, Planit Software Testing)


The course is very interesting and it is a good start in having the foundation in agile methodologies. (Patrick Caceres)


Having attended the Certified Agile Essentials Course, I now have a deeper understanding on where I fit in an agile environment. The course gave me a strong foundation on various aspects of agile, and I could see how theory translates into actual practice. (Joel Africa, Planit Software Testing)


The Agile Essentials course is quite helpful to me as I don't have any agile projects experiences before. I have benefited a lot from the course. (Xia Fan, Planit Software Testing)


Agile Essentials course training provided me improved and detailed knowledge, that I can apply and practice in my project. Both training and material provided are detailed and helpful. (Monika Kumar, Planit Software Testing)


The course has given a good insight on how the Agile methodology works. It also provides knowledge on various roles & responsibilities in an Agile Team. (Mehul Merchant, Planit Software Testing)


This is a great refresher/foundation course for someone who wants to understand  what/how/why/when/who in agile Team. The pace of the course was just right and it kept all the participants engaged. We had a mix of theory and practical exercises which gave everyone a taste of working a an agile Environment. It is a must attend for all testers. ( Chandan Rajopanth, Planit)


This course is great at providing a high Level understanding of the Agile fundamentals a a clear and conscious manner. (Clinton Mason, Planit)


This course is particularly useful if you are in the IT industry, regardless of your role; especially with the growing Focus towards responsiveness and Team collaboration. I have learned valuable skills such as the agile SDLC processes, which I am using in a Commercial Environment. (Stanley Lim, Planit)


This Training has given me better insight on how agile Teams work and how they should collaborate. I have learned new techniques on agile estimation and planning and gained more undestanding about scrum. I definitely recommend attending this course to broaden ones perspective about agile and to help them implement agile principles in their Teams. (Moises Istino, Planit)


CAE is an excellent course which gives an overall picture of today`s real world Projects that adopts AGILE methodology. (Prashant Nagrecha, Planit)


Having worked on various agile development Projects, I thought I had the advantage in the course. To my surprise, I never thought there`s a fom o Standard to this practice and I wouldn`t say I learned something new; rather, I`ve fortified my understanding of the agile practices.( Charlie Dichoso, Planit)


This course has given a good insight on how the agile methodology works. It also provides knowledge on various roles and responsabilities in an agile Team. (Mehul Merchant, planit)





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