Statements from CAT Course Participants


Thorough course that's challenging to even experienced QA-specialists! (Niels Thijssen, DLL)


Brilliant course! Would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn agile! (Victoria Ismay, Citigroup)


This course contains practical techniques and processes that I can easily envisage incorporating into my current role rather than theory that is impractical in real world situations. (Bernard Turley, Citigroup)


Even the most junior tester will benefit from this training. (Tobias Friedrich, Sogeti)


Very useful, recommended! (Mark van Koeverden, HP)


The course gave me a inside in how to act within Agile Project. I strongly recommend tester who are working within Agile Projects to follow the course. Because of the practical character of the course it makes it easier to understand the theoretical part of the course. (Rubien Grootfaam, XSYall)


The first course that really tests your Agile knowledge and skills in theory and practice. (Bilal Oulad Si Omar, Pink Roccade)


The practical was fun! ( Arjan Barnhoorn, The future Group)


The course is tough but learn viable skills to deal with Maximum flexibility the market craves. Time constraints, incomplete Information, planning issues and more: all are dealt within theory and practice.( Roger Van Velzen)


Group exercises are constructive and effective. The material is presented in an easy to follow manner. (Carolyn Chesler, Planit Software Testing)


An intense course but really worth the time and effort. This is Hands-on learning how to work with Agile/Scrum, instead of a plain theoretical approach! Highly recommended for everybody working in an Agile Team. (Edwin Schuller, Sogeti NL)


During the CAT course I have learned quite a lot about testing in agile Projects. I highly recommend this course to anyone seriously interested in Agile and testing. (Christian Bos, Sogeti NL)


This course is great! It was rigourous and very Hands-on. It covers theory and processes at Agile Testing. Plus, it was very practical- you were able to apply what you learned , immedeately. The exam was not just memorising terms. You need to know and then apply the theory and practices. (Patricia McQaid, McQaid and Associates, USA)


Thank you, our trainer for her great training, experience and help to get out objectives with the certification.

Second, it was a great experience with a great team of testers, I felt comfortable with the level of collaboration and experience on testing and training of each one.

Congratulations to Felipe in delivering his first CAT course in Colombia, hope all of us will be delivering a similar course soon. (Guino Henostroza, 3Dev, Peru)


I am very happy and grateful to have been part of this great course, thank you very much to all of you, I learned from each one and I really loved the synergy that we made. 

Thank you very much for your patience, for sharing your knowledge and your experience always with the best attitude (despite the difference of languages) and for always being willing and committed to each participant's learning, you are so brillant! thank you for mentoring us in so many ways. (Ana Ochoa Moreno, Testing IT, Mexico)




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